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Super Centurion® 250 Monitor Fire Hydrant

Super Centurion 250 Monitor Fire Hydrant

Features & Quick Specs

• 4-way hydrant

• Design Pressure : 250psig (17barg)

• Test Pressure : 500psig (34barg)

• UL Listed and FM Approved.

• Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA C502 Standard, UL 246 and FM 1510 specifications.

• O-ring sealed Bonnet, Ground, and Shoe Flange – better leak resistance, easier maintenance.

• O-ring sealed Oil Reservoir with Filler Plug – permits easy check of oil level and refill without removing Bonnet; filled at factory.

• Automatic operating mechanism lubrication – positive lubrication of stem threads and bearing surfaces each time hydrant is operated.

• Full flow performance – large radius hose and pumper openings and conical Upper Valve Plate reduce turbulence and provide low friction loss.

• Integral 4”/DN100 Monitor elbow.

• Field replaceable, O-ring sealed Hose and Pumper Nozzles – threaded in place and retained by stainless steel locks – NST or BSP threads.

• O-ring sealed Bronze Seat Ring – Resists corrosion and easily removed for maintenance through top of hydrant.

• Safety Flange and stainless steel Safety Stem Coupling – if hydrant is hit by vehicle, flange breaks, coupling pulls free preventing damage to stem and main valve, and uncontrolled water flow – coupling will not break into pieces that could drop down and affect valve operation.

• Double Bronze Drains – each time main valve opens or closes, drain valves force-flush drain openings to keep them open for effective barrel drainage.

• Inlet Connections: 6”/DN150 Flanged ANSI B16.1 Class 125 Flat Face (optional PN10, PN16 drilling).