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Stinger® 2.0

Stinger 2.0

Features & Quick Specs

  • Dual purpose break-apart monitor for use as a deck gun or portable monitor
  • Numerous truck adapter and portable base options available to suit every need
  • In portable mode, five forged aluminum legs with self-adjusting carbide-tipped ground spikes increase stability
  • Rotation lock mechanism provides positive left-right lock with visual position indication
  • By-passable safety stop at 35° above horizontal
  • Safety strap for additional stability
  • Lightweight for its class
  • Most flow efficient in its class with a friction loss reducing 33 /8” vaned waterway
  • Patented monitor to base latching mechanism is user-friendly and provides visual indication of status
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel worm gear
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Two carrying handles