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Features & Quick Specs

Self-Educting master stream nozzles turn any monitor into a foam station without the use of
additional equipment and have been part of Elkhart’s fire suppression arsenal for over 20 years.
Elkhart is proud to have been one of the pioneers in the development of the Hydro-Foam® line of
self-educting nozzles.
Some of the features of self-educting nozzles include:

  •  Designed specifically for use with Class A and B foam, including AFFF and fluoroprotein
  • Field-adjustable foam proportioning with pre-set options
  • Combination nozzle — include straight stream, narrow fog (30°), or wide fog (90°)

Since introduction, Elkhart has expanded the self-educting Master Stream nozzle line to include:

  • Easy to use, original Hydro-Foam® nozzles of brass or Elk-O-Lite® construction
  • X-Stream® nozzles that combine self-educting ability with the convenience of automatic metering