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Rapid Response™ Sprinklers

Quick Respond Sprinkler

Features & Quick Specs

  • Developed specifically for residential occupancies
  • The most complete system on the market today from a single manufacturer
  • Features BlazeMaster® CPVC pipe and fittings, making installation quick, easy, flexible, and affordable
  • Tyco’s exclusive ten-year limited warranty lets you install with confidence
  • Product line meets all NFPA standards
  • Components are all UL listed for residential installations


Residential Sprinklers offer the optimum design and flow characteristics for all residential applications. With k-factors as low as 4.2, the flow requirements are the lowest in the industry. Other advantages are listings for beam ceilings and for sloped ceilings. These unique features avoid obstruction to the sprinkler’s discharge pattern without adding additional sprinklers.


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