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Mobile Monitor Cart

Mobile Cart

Features & Quick Specs

  • Portable wheeled carts come furnished with a flow-efficient, built-in 4” manifold
  • Wheels feature pneumatic tires and wheel locks
  • The monitors have stop positions at 45° on either side of center and 25° above horizontal
  • Cart specific highlights include:
    – The two wheel cart attaches with a 17/8” or 2” coupler (please specify); to the vehicle for extra stability during flow; two hose beds each capable of holding two (2) 50’ sections of 21/2” or 3” hose
    – The four wheel cart has a detachable “tee” handle, optional hose racks above the
    wheels — each capable of holding a 50’ “donut roll” of 21/2” hose, and an optional 11/2” gated outlet
    • Liquid-filled pressure gauge