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Groundhog Butterfly Valve & Indicator Post


Features & Quick Specs

Groundhog Valve Product Features

• Manually operated rubber seat Butterfly Valve with a high visibility target.

• Designed for buried or chamber service in Fire Protection Systems.

• 4” – 12”/DN100 – DN300 rated 175psig/12barg.

• 14” – 48”/DN350 – DN1200 rated 150psig/10barg.

• Conforms to AWWA C504 standards.

• Equipped with a buried service Gear Actuator.

• Does not require exercising.

• UL Listed.

• Works in conjunction with Pratt Style G Indicator Post or can be installed spearately.


Style G indicator Post Product Features

• Intended for use with Pratt 4” – 48”/DN100 – DN1200 Groundhog Valves.

• Meets AWWA Standard.

• Available in 5’ (1500mm) and 10’ (3000mm) standard extensions (see table below).

• Designed and tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories Test Guide UL-1091.